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Hello dearest,
My name is Vera, i saw your profile today and became interested in you,I believe that good friend is a Gift of God. pl write to me in my email address( on the site so that you will know me more and i will know you too.i have an important issue to discuss with you
PLS so that i will send my pic You look very hansom in your picture's happy to hear from you, thanks YOUR NEW FRIEND Vera
or pic send me your contact email address so that I can contact you

Posted by vera4u91 on Jan 11, 12 7:07 am · History

Nahh. I just changed my username :]

Posted by Firiath on Aug 25, 10 12:59 am · History

Thanks for the comment on my layout :D

Posted by Firiath on Aug 24, 10 4:24 am · History

You can modify the template's header as you like, as long as my credit isn't hidden. Just replace the header image URL with your own or you can use a program to add to it.

Posted by JustLeah on Aug 20, 10 11:47 am · History

thank you so much for layout comment!!! ^_^

Posted by cynthiachioma on Jul 25, 10 11:28 pm · History

Thanks for the layout comment ^_^

Posted by cynthiachioma on Jul 18, 10 11:50 pm · History

Ooooh, you have one dimple:D Oooooh!

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 10, 10 3:51 pm · History

You're Very Welcome (:

Posted by Snaily on May 10, 10 8:33 pm · History

No prob (:

Posted by futura on May 10, 10 12:13 am · History

Nahh. Didn't post it
My coding is horrible ;3

Posted by Firiath on Apr 29, 10 7:53 pm · History

You're Very Welcome :)

Posted by Snaily on Mar 21, 10 7:49 pm · History

Ohh cool! Sounds like fun too. Being around kids and cute animals all day keep you busy and entertained.

Your second and third pictures are insaaaane. I'd love to learn about how to put on crazy make-up one day. I think I'd have too much fun with it haha. Are you a cosmetology student?

Posted by manny-the-dino on Mar 19, 10 2:25 pm · History

Haha you should! I'd love to see it.

Omg lucky. Spring semester ends like mid-May for me :( But that sounds like fun. Sounds like you'll be working at like a summer camp, right? Yeah I'll be working. I'm actually working right now lol

Hahaha yeah that's always a good feeling! Especially when you work really hard on them. :D

Posted by manny-the-dino on Mar 17, 10 4:24 pm · History

You're Welcome:)

Posted by amene1 on Mar 17, 10 11:32 am · History

hi! :) i'm good. how about you? still having fun with all that make-up? haha. i would always look at your defaults because you'd usually have some insane ass make-up going on.

Posted by manny-the-dino on Mar 17, 10 1:07 am · History

Helloooo!!!!!!!!!! happy new year :D :P

Posted by Seuss on Jan 6, 10 3:07 pm · History

Happy New Years!!!

Posted by Snaily on Jan 1, 10 12:11 am · History

You're Welcome,lolz...Thanks x)

Posted by Snaily on Nov 26, 09 2:32 pm · History

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Posted by Snaily on Nov 26, 09 1:23 am · History

Thank you for the layout comment.

Posted by sweetalacrity on Nov 14, 09 10:51 am · History

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