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February 6 2009, 11:06 PM



Sorry I haven't been around lately, schools been killing me. I added new pictures of a make up I'm calling Blueberry. I made a video how to for youtube so if you like the look you can do it on your own. When I get it uploaded I’ll post a link here. So i found a whole put of my nail polishes and i have re done my nails twice this week.

So I was on my way back from school this week and my phone’s screen’s backlight died. I freaked out, my phone is my life line to my friends that are away at College and Uni and with out it I can’t get a hold of them. So my mom took me out and bought me a brand new sliver Kazr!! I love this phone. I can put it in my jeans pocket and you would never know I have a cell phone their. It’s sick and its love lol

I GOT INTO 4 OF MY 5 SCHOOLS I applied to!!!!!! I'm dancing in my chair right now. Get ready for it MAKE UP TECH And BUSINESS!!!!!!!! I really wanted those to programs and the one that I got into takes like 40' people a semester !!!! I just have to pick one I have it narrowed down to 3 now. And I now have to make tour dates. Then I Graduate in June from Mohawk college.

SO that’s my rant.

Lots of Love <3




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